Backup multiple shares to cloud in parallel?

Good evening everyone,

I’ve just started backing up to B2 storage with duplicacy and have been quite happy with the process. In the past, I’ve scheduled multiple shares to backup one after the other (e.g. application data backup starts at 1am, usb configuration backup starts at 2am, time machine backup at 3am, etc).

I’m wondering if it would be possible to start all of these backups at the same time and just have them run in parallel? Apologies for what is probably a very noobish question, if anyone could provide info though, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Have a good one and stay safe!

According to here:

Feature/Tool duplicity bup Duplicati Attic restic Duplicacy
Incremental Backup Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full Snapshot No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compression Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Deduplication Weak Yes Weak Yes Yes Yes
Encryption Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deletion No No Yes Yes No Yes
Concurrent Access No No No Not recommended Exclusive locking Lock-free
Cloud Support Extensive No Extensive No Limited Extensive
Snapshot Migration No No No No No Yes

duplicacy is completely lock-free and duplicacy uses a chunk-based storage to avoid locking.

So you should be able to backup to the same cloud storage in parallel, unless the cloud API itself isn’t lock-free or doesn’t have race-free concurrent support or it doesn’t support certain API required for duplicacy to be lock-free.

There is no problem with running them in parallel. As you are using B2, there will be no “low” limitations on using API, GB uploaded, upload rate, etc.

In this case, the concerns are much more “local”:

  • Does your machine have memory to run the 3 instances? Memory usage is directly proportional to the number of files involved.
  • Will your internet connection support the 3 streams multiplied by the number of threads?

Thanks so much for the feature table link and explanation. It seems I’m good to go. Have a wonderful day! :smile:

Wonderful, thanks so much for the info! My machine is running 32GB of ram so I think it should be alright on memory. I’m much more concerned with my upload speed as it’s only marketed at 10Mb/s and, more realistically, I get around 5Mb/s. I’ll play around with the options/threads and see what works best. I really appreciate your response! Have a wonderful day! :smile: