Backup Network Location



Is it possible to backup a network location? E.G a folder mapped as a network drive



Absolutely. I use a UNC path for a local backup and then daisy-chain that backup to a cloud location. (I find the UNC path a more precise option, since you could, theoretically, re-mount your network drive as a different drive-letter.)

Something like duplicacy init LOCAL_BACKUP \\nasbox\duplicacy_backups

(You can add some of the optional stuff in there like “-e” for encryption if you choose.)


Alternatively, if you don’t want to create a separate repository on network location and just want to pick up files from there - you can initialize local folder as a repository and add symlinks to it pointing to whatever you want.

Duplicacy follows first-level symlinks, and therefore you can easily add multiple locations (e.g. mapped drives) to your backup set.

More details here Can Duplicacy backup directories outside of the repository?