Backup stops running and shows "Aborted 6 day ago"

Hello, i’m new to Duplicacy. I have it running in an Unraid Docker from : hub.docker saspus/duplicacy-web

The backup target is wasabi us-east-2

I have a few backups specified, on a particularly large one , approx. 2 TB, it will stop running randomly and show that it was aborted several days ago, even though i kicked it off last night. I’ve tried it multiple times and it always stops.
In the duplicacy_web.log, there are a ton of “An error has occurred: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference” messages throughout the entire log.

Here is a snippet of the end of the duplicacy_web.log

Here is the backup log (sanitized)

Any assistance you can provide would be awesome.

The CLI running the backup may be killed due to using too much memory. The memory usage is highly dependent on the number of files, rather than the total size of all files. At this time the only workaround is to divide the backup job into several smaller jobs either by backing up subdirectories separately or using different filters for each smaller job.

The "invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference” error is caused by uninitialized objects (which may also be caused by an out-of-memory situation where the browser becomes slow). I’ve replicated this bug in my testing and will fix it for the next release.

Thank you for the reply!
I have multiple backups configured to split up critical folders. This is the only one giving me trouble.
It has 13,105 Files using 3.22TB of space. Most of the files are very small, the rest are computer backups.
There was another folder I was able to backup successfully that has 33,288 using 73GB of space.

The machine the docker is running on has 32GB of RAM. Is there a parameter I can configure to allow it to use more RAM? It’s been running for about 12 hours now and is only consuming 1GB.

That doesn’t look like an out-of-memory issue.

Can you check the log file ~/.duplicacy-web/logs/duplicacy_web.log to see if the web GUI was restarted? You can grep for Duplicacy Web Edition line which is printed on restart.

Here is a section of the log requested where the words “Duplicacy Web Edition” show up.

Thanks for your help!

2020/11/25 02:00:10 Failed to request a license: activate

It is likely that the backups failed due to an expired license.

I’m still in the trial period and I can still complete on-prem backups without an issue. However, I just purchased a license and activated then started the backup again. I’ll report back in the morning. :slight_smile: