Backup to B2 once and then only new set of files


I have an external 2TB USB HDD with 200GB of family pics plus videos (mainly) and some other files. I use it as backup drive. I would usually copy new files from my office laptop to this drive in a dated folder and delete them from the laptop. Once I have backed my everything from USB HDD to B2 storage in a bucket, how do I use Duplicacy to backup only new files now available in new folders to B2 from my office laptop. I don’t want to connect the USB HDD for backup everytime.

In my case, I would mostly have new folders (dated) with new content on my laptop and USB HDD - this would need to be backed up every month and deleted from the laptop but not from the USB HDD. And only rarely, I would have old folders on my office laptop and/or USB HDD with new content that I would want to backup couple of times in a year.

Would Duplicacy support this kind of backup requirement? Any suggestions?


10 MONTHS and no response! :slight_smile:


Your description, to me, is a bit difficult to understand but I gather you want to be able to backup data from both the USB HDD and your laptop - to B2?

That’s certainly possbile and Duplicacy automatically only backs up new files. If you move files from laptop to USB HDD (between repositories), it also has a very good chance to de-duplicate chunks that are already backed up.

My suggestion to you would be try it out. :slight_smile: If you’re concerned about B2 costs, try it with a local storage first, or a free Google or Dropbox account on a small amount of data.