Backup to Google Drive from a powerfull machine

Hi guys,

Yes i know there is a ton of topics about speed tweeking but they are quite old and i hope you don’t mind if i ask about this now?

What i want to get some tip on is:

  1. what to put in Options for Backups
  2. what to put in Options for Schedules

Please remove this topic if you whant me to continue in an existing topic about this.

Have a nice day
/Peter (Sweden)

-threads 4 -vss and don’t use shared drive. That’s pretty much it. Unless you have some specific constraints/reqirements? Do you?

thank you @saspus for a quick answer.

I don’t know what specific constraints/reqirements means so i hope not :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Maybe a stupid question but should i add -vss after -threads 4 or in the Global option below?

IIRC both go to the same non-global options in the backup job in the schedule.

Also note, for -vss to work, you have to use Windows or macOS, this does not work on Linux (you can probably concoct your own solution with pre- and post- backup scripts) and duplicacy shall be running as Adminstrator or root. Depending on the type of data you backup you may not need that – but it’s always good to use it, to ensure that all data coherent in the snapshot.

Aha, i run Duplicacy in a official Docker app in Unraid.

Maybe i don’t need or can use -vss then?

Yep, -vss is not supported on Linux.

I you want similar behavior you might be able to do so with pre-backup and post-backup scripts, where you would create and mount filesystem snapshot before, and unmount after backup, as long as your filesystem there supports snapshots in the first place. (ext4 does not, but IIRC unraid now supports ZFS). depending on the nature of the data you backup it can range from being required to guarantee data consistency, to absolutely unnecessary :slight_smile:

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