Backup to Hubic fails with 503

Hi Gilbert,
hi Duplicacy fans,

I am backing up 1,1TB from linux duplicacy (v2.1.0) to Hubic using the following command:

duplicacy backup -stats

I get the following error message after a few minutes of backing up:

Skipped chunk 242 size 9340652, 19.22MB/s 09:28:57 0.1%
Response status: 503; retry after 42919 milliseconds
Response status: 503; retry after 68181 milliseconds
Response status: 503; retry after 162948 milliseconds
Response status: 503; retry after 185738 milliseconds
Response status: 503; retry after 671834 milliseconds
Response status: 503; retry after 879180 milliseconds
Failed to upload the chunk 82657c74d5416c5458e6f947c312eada124df3ef7945a31c3a41543c509cca4f: Maximum number of retries reached
Incomplete snapshot saved to [...]

I hope you can help. I already backed up around 1,9 TB of data to Hubic as well as to a WebDAV share and I am very happy with your work.


503 is service unavailable. Perhaps HubiC has some issues. Wait a few hours and retry.

Yes, I think you should contact Hubic support. But ferl free to report back here once you figured it out.

I don’t see this particular error code from HubiC myself, but HubiC is perhaps the most unreliable storage as shown by my nightly testing results. And I don’t know how to contact their technical support.

The only thing I can do is to increase the number of retries, but I’m not sure if that would help at all.

HubiC is dead

The way I understand it (from Bing Translate) the service is already closed for new customers; it will be however kept on life support for a while since the company is still using this service internally so no data will be deleted and existing customers can continue using it; however no new features will be developed and and looks like once OVH does not need it anymore for themselves they’ll close it.

Perhaps making service unbearable to gently nudge exiting customers off the servers is not a bad plan :slight_smile:

Time to move on.

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After more than a week I still get the 503s in every nightly backup job with Hubic :cry: and after reading the article mentioned by @saspus I don’t think my situation will be resolved by Hubic.

Seems I have to move on and have a look at wasabi…

Thanks to all!

Same page posted by @saspus, in English:

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