Backup upload rate oddly high

Backing up a single 4,800,000 KB drive image, and I see this in the Docker container GUI:

However, my ISP upload is capped at 11.3 Mbps… quite a lot slower.

Even the calculated time seems off by 2x.

I must be misinterpreting something here. Thought?

That speed reflects deduplication. If the chunk exists on the destination, it’s uploaded “instantly”.

That’s interesting. I never imagined a differential backup image file would benefit from deduplication.

Are you backing up a backup?

Deduplication in duplicacy is quite effective, but perhaps it might be better to backup the source data directly instead?

Life is compromise. Yes. The images are from a Win PC. B2 completes the 3-2-1 backup scenario.

Since the backup image itself is unencrypted, I went with Duplicacy to provide an encryption layer of security.

It’s a bit offtopic, and only you see the full picture, but why backup windows image offsite? There is a lot of transient garbage that wastes space and bandwidth, ultimately causing important data to stay unprotected for longer.

Why not backup only user data, pull from the server that runs duplicacy? Or better yet, run duplicacy on each windows host, backup to the single target on your server, and copy revisions to b2?

Or if those are mobile windows PCs — backup to both, b2, and your server.

Duplicacy provides so much flexibility, compromise can be drastically improved.

Again, feel free to ignore this, it’s your setup, if it works — it works.

I think the speedup was mostly from compression. There should be lots of zeros in a disk image if the disk isn’t full.