Backups for a traveling PC

Here’s what I propose to do with my notebook PC which travels with me:

  • While at home, backup to local storage
  • Local storage is then copied to cloud storage
  • While on the road, notebook will backup directly to cloud storage

Question: Will this cause any problems with backup consistency or other issues?

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The only issue I can think of is that you need to copy from the cloud storage to the local storage after you return from your trip, before you back up to the local storage again. Otherwise, the revision number on the local storage would be behind that of the cloud storage, and local backups would resume from the local revision number, causing some conflicts on the revision numbers.

I know gilbert disagree’s with me but one backup theory is to NOT keep backups in sync… just backup to either location whenever you can. Keeping the destinations independent actually adds redundancy in my opinion… as if one storage somehow becomes corrupt- the other one still might be good.

Just my opinion… I know others disagree.

Gilbert - understood. But is that more of a administrative issue (possible confusion) or could it actually FUBAR the backups?

Kevin - yeah, I thought about that as well. I’m not super-concerned that both storage copies may not be identical. I just didn’t want to get into a situation where R-50 is created in the cloud when I’m traveling and once I return home have R-50 created in local storage and then a copy operation fails or corrupts the backup because there’s already an R-50 in the cloud.

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Gilbert - could you please address my last questions?


Yes, I think conflicting revision numbers on different storages would just create some confusion. It will not corrupt the backups.