Basic question about adding a second storage

I added second storage using the CLI… and -add

Is it supposed to prompt me for passwords? It seems to just not find them in the keychain and quit.

I guess I forgot how to add a second storage and get duplicacy to prompt me for the password the first time.


Can yout post the command used?

Sure-- see next :slight_smile: Thanks!!!

# Default storage name-  backup to babymac
/Users/kevinv/Documents/Software/Duplicacy/duplicacy  -background -log add -e storage_babymac kevin_salvage1   s
/Users/kevinv/Documents/Software/Duplicacy/duplicacy  -background -log backup -stats  -storage  storage_babymac
/Users/kevinv/Documents/Software/Duplicacy/duplicacy  -background -log prune -a -keep 0:360 -keep 7:30  -keep 1:3  -storage storage_babymac
/Users/kevinv/Documents/Software/Duplicacy/duplicacy  -background -log check  -storage storage_babymac

duplicity -background -log add -e storage_babymac ...

It’s not asking for password due the -background option.

You are adding (basically “initializing a second”) storage. Duplicacy is trying to create a new encrypted configuration (-e option).

I’ve never used the -background option with add, it doesn’t seem to make sense, since the password is not yet in the keychain. You would have to use an environment variable.

Try without -background option.

And I suggest evaluating, for your use case, if what you want is an add or a copy. The second creates a compatible storage. Look:

Oh yes- thank you! I am a little embarrassed I didnt notice this.

And thanks for the pointer about copying… but I am sort of philosophically against copying backups :slight_smile:
Thanks again!!!

The -background option was meant to be an undocumented option – it was designed for the GUI only, since its purpose to suppress the prompt for entering password when no previous passwords are found in the environment or the keychain/keyring, which would lead to authorization errors (still better than hanging on waiting for user input).

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