Best backup strategy - Unraid + Duplicacy Docker

Hello all.
So I’m new to Duplicacy and so far loving it, I’ve been doing some reading on the forum and discovered from Back up to multiple storages that my copy method from Onedrive to 3 other cloud providers is not ideal (as its downloading then uploading)

What is my preferred method here, am I reading the post right that its suggested that I make a dummy backup on my server? IE am I backing up my server, to my server, to copy to the cloud? Def doesnt seem ideal
Is there a way for the copy to not try to copy the entire backup every single day and only do changes?
I was trying to do the --bit-identical command thinking if I had to I could just do a rclone copy but the webgui is saying invalid option.

Is my “best” route to run my backup 4 times to all 4 cloud options?


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Right, the ideal strategy is to back up to a local storage server and then copy to clouds.

If you don’t have a local storage server, the best way to to back up to all 4 cloud options, using different backup ids, and then copy from the first cloud to other clouds. This way, the copy job will have far fewer chunks to download/upload because most chunks should have been already uploaded by the backup jobs. You can read the Multiple cloud storage without a local storage section in Back up to multiple storages for more details.