Best Practice: copy from local server to remote

I have a question about best practices to utilize duplicacy copy. I do duplicacy backup from client to a local server. I then want to duplicacy copy the repository from the local server to a remote one.

I know how to do this from the client, but what are the right steps to copy the repository directly from the local to the remote server? I can’t do this with the current setup, because the repository is not initialized on the local server.

Any advice?

You can create an empty repository on the local server and points it to the same storage that you’re backing up to:

mkdir \path\to\empty\repository
duplicacy init repository_id \path\to\storage
duplicacy add remote repository_id remote_storage_url
duplicacy copy -from default -to remote

Note that in our terminology repository means the directory to be backed up, while storage is the destination that files are backed up to.

Okay, that’s clear. But this requires me to know all storage passwords. In my use case, I am the administrator of the local server, but I don’t know all the storage passwords. So Client 1 backs up data encrypted to my local server, and then I want to copy the encrypted data to my remote server. Is this not possible when the storage password remains secret for the Administrator?

In that case you can just use rsync/rclone to copy the entire storage directory to your remote server. The storage directory is designed to be location-independent, so you can freely move it from one place to another. There used to be a difference in the nesting levels between local and cloud storages, but with version 2.0.10 all storages have a nesting level of 1 so it is fully compatible with rsync/rclone.

That’s great. Thank you!