Best practices when choosing B2 buckets



I’m experimenting with B2 and so far I’m quite happy.

I don’t really know why, but I’ve ended up creating one bucket per <machine>-<directory> couple. So, for example, if I’m backing up directory /home/foo of machine bar, I create a B2 bucket named bar-home-foo.

After a while I’ve noticed that I’m creating lots of buckets, but on the other hand I feel more in control of what goes where. So if in the future I want to delete a bucket, it will affect only a specific directory.

I’m wondering how Duplicacy is used in production environments when sending data to B2, and if there are tips in this regards.


You can do that, but the bucket names are shared by all B2 users so later you may find out that a bucket name you want may have already registered by another user. It is better to add a prefix to the bucket name that is likely to be used only by you.

Currently Duplicacy doesn’t support using a directory as the storage rather than the entire bucket. Do you think adding this feature may help in your case?


Would love to be able to specify a B2 bucket subfolder as the storage location. As a potential enterprise customer it would be nice to not have to use one of the maximum of 100 B2 buckets per account just to create a separate storage location. I believe you support subfolders for Amazon S3 buckets.

I just started checking out Duplicacy and was confused at first when I found specifying a subfolder is accepted, but appears to be simply ignored by the Duplicacy client. I created a forum account just to reply to this thread :slight_smile:


Can you submit a feature request on github for that?


Feature requested added here:



I would also like to see this feature, thank you.