Best practive for running in Docker / unraid?

I’ve been setting up Duplicacy in Unraid/Docker and have some questions about the default permissions.

The template uses the following settings:

  • UID: 99 (nobody user)
  • GID: 100

When I tested backup and restore, I had to use the “-ignore-owner” switch. If I remove these permissions from Docker, the files restore with their original permission levels.

My question is: should I keep the UID/GID set to 99/100, or is there any downside to removing them?

I noticed that leaving these settings requires me to modify the permissions after restoring. It’s not a major issue, but I’m curious to hear what others recommend.

If you remove the gid and pid, they default to 0, and duplicacy runs as root. This allows it to set permissions on restored files.

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I noticed that. I am running this at home, internally on my network. Any reason not to do this, or is running 99/100 just security best practices ?

Here is a good discussion of the implications of each approach: Understanding root inside and outside a container and here:

Depends on risk tolerance and whether you use SELinux or AppArmor.

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