Best way to backup my situation

Hi, first of all what a great software is Duplicacy!! But still I have learn to use it …That’s why I have a question…

I have some computers, my important data is mostly on my NAS in a few separate shared folders.
My wife has her own computer, and stores most of her data locally.

I’ve created a shared folder on the NAS for her and when she shuts down her machine it’s mirroring a few dirs with a script using Robocopy to the NAS. (my first internal backup with BTRFS snapshots)

On the NAS I have a docker container with Duplicacy (Web-UI) and some shared folders where the container have access to. From there I make a backup now and then to a external drive that I rotate with another disk that I keep offsite.

Beside that I also want to backup to Backblaze B2, but firstly I created a separate bucket and storage for every shared folder… I came back from that idea because of all the different secrets/storage passwords and different backup schedules I had to create.

Now I’m on the train of making one big backup, I’ve started that about a week ago and still uploading :frowning: getting memory messages from my NAS etc…

Now my question : what is the best idea to backup in this situation?

Multiple shares on a NAS running a Duplicacy docker container,

  • Multiple storages and seperate backups
  • One storage multiple backups
  • One storage, one backup
    Besides that an rotating external drive that I keep offsite.

In total it will be around 7TB to upload.

Thanks already for your opinions and helping making my backup better :slight_smile:

I would use one storage for multiple backups. Smaller backups will require less memory, and one storage also allows you to deduplicate across different backups if they happen to share some files.

Thanks @gchen! Also for making this great product.

Is there a good way to “migrate” (like create seperate backup tasks… Run them once and remove the old one?) or will it be do another backup again?

And is it a good idea to use different ID’s for the backups ? or use the same ID for all backups.

Also I thought I’ve read somewhere here that it isn’t a good idea to put multiple backups in one storage on Backblaze B2 or are there some specific settings over there I need to make?