Big change in CLI license


I’ve noticed that the CLI license terms (and the price) have changed significantly. Most important changes are that it now requires a “per-computer” license and price gets equal to the web version ($50/year)

Now that license restrictions are the same for CLI and WEB version, and that the WEB version also permits the use of the CLI, why should anyone purchase the CLI version anymore? Is this a way to phase out the CLI licensing? Maybe I’ve misunderstood the terms of the new CLI license.

(I think maybe I misunderstood your question!)
If you are thinking about personal use, the Buy page (Duplicacy) License Exceptions section still lists these exceptions:

GUI/CLI licenses are not required under the following situations:
• Running the CLI version to back up personal files/documents on a home computer
• Running the CLI version to restore, check, copy, or prune existing backups
• Running the web-based GUI (Duplicacy Web Edition) to restore, check, copy, or prune existing backups

So I think using the CLI on personal computers (personal data) is still allowed for free.
@gchen stated this earlier:

@gchen, great utility, thanks for making it free for personal use! :star_struck:

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I use it commercially, and have purchased quite a few CLI licenses. However, increasing the price from $20 to $50 and making it “per computer” (it was “use it in any number of computers” before) is a huge change.

Besides: if the web license and the cli license have the same price, and the web license comes with a cli license, then what is the point to purchase a CLI license?

I have to admit I didn’t read the previous Buy page too carefully since mine is a different use case (personal CLI user). But I agree the page could need a little clarification.

Perhaps there’s a typo somewhere?
(As it looks now, the price for CLI and Commercial (GUI+CLI) is the same, and also both are limited to one computer. But CLI does not allow GUI)

Perhaps @gchen can clarify this!

@EduardoDiaz as a legacy user you’re locked in to the old pricing/licensing model, which means you can buy new licenses and renew existing ones at the original prices, and the per-user model still works for you.

There are some users who only need to run the CLI version so they won’t bother with the GUI licenses at all.

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