Black Friday 2022 Offer

I remembered there will be an 2022 black friday offer. Aynone knows when it will be available to buy? cheers

Yes, the offer will become available at midnight on Black Friday.

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@gchen Just curious - if Acrosync’s servers ever go offline (say, in 10 years - you never know what can happen) will my lifetime license be able to work/reinstall on a machine in the future or is communication with Acrosync required?

The license server runs on Google App Engine and there is almost zero maintenance. Yes, if it goes offline you won’t be able to run any backups in the web GUI. But, you can always switch to the CLI if that happens.

Can you do a pre-black friday sale?

The sale will start in about 24 hours (at Friday 12am US eastern time). I don’t want to spoil the fun!


Where? How do we partake? I missed it last year :frowning: