BOX Dropping Support For WebDAV - Any Workarounds?

BOX announced that they are dropping support for WebDAV on January 31, 2019. Box has ftp and ftps support but no sftp support and they say they have no intentions of adding it.

Besides making all the Linux users furious, my proposed backup solution is now broken. Is there any chance that Duplicacy will add support for the BOX API or that there is some workaround to get it to work?

I don’t have an answer to your question (sorry), and no experience with Box, but I have a curiosity: what’s so special about Box, so you don’t consider other alternatives?

The university I work for has an agreement with them that permits [virtually] unlimited storage as a common good – it costs my department nothing.


Box doesn’t have an official Go client library, but I found this: GitHub - jlaffaye/ftp: FTP client package for Go. Maybe it is time to build an sftp backend.

I’ve been asked to come up with a workaround by the end of the month and have so far had less than stellar success trying to mount BOX as a local drive [Windows] with Netdrive3. I can get it to mount, and Netdrive3 uses the BOX api which I thought was promising, but it’s buggy, slow, and way less resource-friendly vs running duplicacy backup commands using WebDAV.