Bug in pattern matching

Currently there is a bug in the pattern matching code where filenames starting with i or e are mistakenly interpreted as regular expressions. As a result, if you have patterns in your filters file without the proper prefixes (+, -, i:, and e:) you may be affected by this bug.

For example, you want to include a file named icon.png and specify as such in the filters file (without the + prefix). Duplicacy by default always adds the + prefix if no prefix is found. However, due to this bug Duplicacy thinks this pattern is a regular expression so no prefix is added. The resulting pattern will be ill-formed (because of no proper prefix) and skipped. The file icon.png will not be included.

This bug also affects the restore operation when you select a file whose name starts with i or e under the top-level directory. For the CLI version the workaround is to always add the prefix + when specifying individual files to be restored. For the GUI version there isn’t a workaround so the CLI version is recommended if you’re affected by this bug.

This bug has been fixed in Fixed a bug where filenames starting with i or e are mistakenly inter… · gilbertchen/duplicacy@abcb4d7 · GitHub and should make it to the next version.


If ( + , - , i: , and e: ) are used then there’s nothing to worry about!

just reiterating the obvious…

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