[BUG] When adding minios:// Storage https:// prefix is needed and also not needed

Please describe what you are doing to trigger the bug:

Add a storage; Storage configuration S3; Service Provider: minio (over HTTPS)

Please describe what you expect to happen (but doesn’t):

add a minios storage without having to work around the errors.

Please describe what actually happens (the wrong behaviour):

When entering the Endpoint:

  1. to be able to select the bucket and the folder via the buttons the Endpoint has the be entered with https:// prefix - otherwise I get the following error:

"Failed to list the buckets: BadRequest: Bad Request status code: 400, request id: , host id: "

  1. when trying to add the storage with the https:// prefix in Endpoint I get the following error:

Failed to check the storage at minios://@https://:9000/1/1: InvalidParameter: 1 validation error(s) found. [region and ip removed]

To work around this, I must remove the https:// prefix from Endoint address and then click continue.

I fixed this in my code base and should be included in this week’s release.

This is now fixed. See the details in: Duplicacy Web Edition 1.3.0 is available.

Thanks, I can confirm that it is fixed now!

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