Cache and log location

Where does Duplicacy store it’s cache and log files on a Mac? Windows?

If you look under the repository directory, .duplicacy/cache is the cache and .duplicacy/logs has all the logs.

For macOS, I see logs stored here: /Users/username/.duplicacy/logs

My backup logs are not being generated. What is the command option that enables them?

The backup logs are created and written to by the GUI version. There isn’t a command line option to turn it on/off.

What’s the best strategy for activating and keeping logs for the cli version? May I suggest adding an option to do so?

CLI doesn’t do logs during normal runtime. It only outputs to console.

There’s only one exception: prune runs are logged inside .duplicacy/logs/ i think, and they start with prune_[date]

After asking that question, I came up with a pretty nifty solution and posted it here: Copy command log output.

Can we please have a configurable location for logs and cache, in the preferences file?

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Do you want it for the CLI or the web GUI?


I think web-gui already has it; but the CLI version always dumps those under .duplicacy/logs and .duplicacy/cache.