Cache directory clean up clarification

I’ve read Cache usage details, Cache folder is is extremely big! 😱, and Cache not clearing.

I don’t have a .duplicacy/collection directory but my .duplicacy/cache/default/chunks directory is 376G.

I must have run the prune command in the past when I was first testing duplicacy because I see some old log files with names like prune-log-20190825-184152 but they are empty (size 0).

I haven’t run prune since then. How do I make backup clean up the chunks directory every time going forward instead of waiting for a prune? If I delete the cache directory, will backup start cleaning up again? i.e. How does backup decide whether or not to clean up? In my case it doesn’t seem to be related to the collections directory.

This could be caused by a bug in CLI 2.5.1 that has been fixed in 2.5.2: Disable snapshot cache when checking chunks · gilbertchen/duplicacy@6ca8b8d · GitHub

It is always safe to delete the cache directory.

I had seen that bug but I’m running CLI 2.2.3 so I don’t think it applies in my case.

If I delete the cache directory, will backup start cleaning up when it’s done? How does it decide whether to defer cleanup to prune?

Yes, backup will clean up the cache directory, as long as there isn’t a .duplicacy/collection directory.

Ok, good to know. I wonder why that’s not happening in my case.

Anyway, I’ll upgrade to the latest and then remove the cache directory. Thanks!