Cache usage details


Duplicacy maintains a local cache under the .duplicacy/cache folder in the repository. Only snapshot chunks may be stored in this local cache, and file chunks are never cached.

At the end of a backup operation, Duplicacy will clean up the local cache in such a way that only chunks composing the snapshot file from the last backup will stay in the cache and all other chunks will be removed from it. However, if the prune command has been run before (which will leave a .duplicacy/collection folder in the repository), then the backup command won’t perform any cache cleanup and instead defer that prune.

At the end of a prune operation, Duplicacy will remove all chunks from the local cache except those composing the snapshot file from the last backup (those that would be kept by the backup command), as well as chunks that contain information about chunks referenced by all backups from all repositories connected to the same storage url.

Other commands, such as list, check, do not clean up the local cache at all, so the local cache may keep growing if many of these commands run consecutively. However, once a backup or a prune command is invoked, the local cache should shrink to its normal size.

Cache not clearing
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