Duplicacy User Guide

Getting started

Duplicacy licenses (free and paid)
Download Duplicacy or Build Duplicacy from source
Quick Start tutorial (Web-UI version)
Quick Start tutorial (CLI version)
Quick Start tutorial (GUI version)

Supported storage backends
About Duplicacy nomenclature

Duplicacy Commands

  • init - Initialize a new repository and storage
  • backup - Save a snapshot of the repository to the storage
  • restore - Restore files
  • list - List snapshots
  • check - Check the integrity of snapshots
  • prune - Prune revisions by number, tag, or retention policy
  • cat - Print the specified file or snapshot
  • history - Show the history of a file
  • diff - Compare two snapshots or two revisions of a file
  • password - Change the storage password
  • add - Add an additional storage for the existing repository
  • set - Change storage options
  • copy - Copy snapshots between compatible storages
  • benchmark - Test download and upload speeds

Advanced usage

Global Options
Exit Codes
Filters / Include-Exclude Patterns
Passwords, credentials and environment variables
Cache usage details
Pre-Command and Post-Command Scripts
Chunk Size details
Fix missing Chunks
RSA encryption
Erasure coding

Use Cases

Restore to a different folder or computer
Back up to multiple storages
Multiple repositories with different accounts of the same cloud storage service
Move .duplicacy folder/Use symlink repository
Monitor Duplicacy for Errors etc
Schedule the duplicacy CLI version to run at certain times
Monitor backups status using healthchecks.io (Windows/CLI)
How to run duplicacy as a cron job on linux?

Design and Implementation

Lock-free deduplication algorithm
Snapshot file format
Encryption of the storage


Scripts and utilities index

Further guidance

See the #how-to category and the tags-page


Restore to a different folder or computer

That link is broken :frowning:


Thanks very much for reporting @kneeper!
The link is fixed now :rainbow:


I miss some information about the differences of the 4 types of jobs: backup, check, copy and prune in the guide. What are they exactly for, when and in which order should they be used. I see some but not all of that information here, but why isn’t it mentioned in full details in the guide?

These 4 jobs correspond to 4 CLI commands. You can find the details about these 4 commands in the CLI user guide here:

wouldn’t it make sense to include these links into the guide?

what’s the recommended workflow?

  1. backup
  2. check of backup
  3. prune
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Sorry, but i didn’t understand your point. these links are there:

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By the way, not there, but here, on this same page, just scroll up.

I would expect to have them here: Duplicacy User Guide

Oh, now I understand. In the web version guide.

The info command is not documented in the User Guide.

It was meant to be used by the GUI only and therefore was undocumented.