Scripts and utilities index

Since there are multiple use cases for Duplicacy on multiple operating systems, some users have also created various automation scripts and other utilities such as ignore file templates (filters file). Here is a list of them:

Windows only

duplicacy-script contributed by @mattjm

Getting Started guide for Windows with brief explanations of command line options, basic Powershell script for local and remote backups, and a filter file specifically targeted for Windows user profiles.

Linux only

duplicacy-scripts (Note the plural) contributed by @mfeit_duplicacy

Runs Duplicacy on a schedule, maintains the backups (pruning, etc.) and has a self-contained restore utility.

FreeNAS backup script utilising ZFS snapshots:

  • Running the script is as easy as ./ /mnt/tank/
  • Mentioned in Issue #370


Duplicacy Utils contributed by @TheBestPessimist

  • Implemented in Powershell
  • automatic Schedule
  • Sends status notifications via Telegram,
  • very simple config: just replace whatever you need from the default configuration file (has sensible default options)
  • backup, copy, prune

filters file template contributed by @TheBestPessimist.

  • Multiple templates for Windows

duplicacy-util contributed by @jeffaco.

Cross platform utility to run duplicacy. Tested on Windows, Mac OS/X, and Linux. Should run on any platform supported by duplicacy itself, as both were written in Go. Self-contained image (does not need any packages to be installed).

Cross-platform (via Docker)

duplicacy-autobackup contributed by @christophetd

Painless automated backups to multiple storage providers with Docker and duplicacy

erichough/duplicacy contributed by @k2eric

Easily run Duplicacy Web Edition in a Docker container