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The benchmark command is used to test the upload and download speeds for a specific storage and disk access speeds for your repositories.

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Quick overview

   duplicacy benchmark - Run a set of benchmarks to test download and upload speeds

   duplicacy benchmark [command options]

   -file-size <size>            the size of the local file to write to and read from (in MB, default to 256)
   -chunk-count <count>         the number of chunks to upload and download (default to 64)
   -chunk-size <size>           the size of chunks to upload and download (in MB, default to 4)
   -upload-threads <n>          the number of upload threads (default to 1)
   -download-threads <n>        the number of download threads (default to 1)
   -storage <storage name>      run the download/upload test agaist the specified storage

Sample output:

duplicacy benchmark
Storage set to sftp://gchen@
Generating 244.14M byte random data in memory
Writing random data to local disk
Wrote 244.14M bytes in 3.05s: 80.00M/s
Reading the random data from local disk
Read 244.14M bytes in 0.18s: 1388.05M/s
Split 244.14M bytes into 53 chunks without compression/encryption in 1.69s: 144.25M/s
Split 244.14M bytes into 53 chunks with compression but without encryption in 2.32s: 105.02M/s
Split 244.14M bytes into 53 chunks with compression and encryption in 2.44s: 99.90M/s
Generating 64 chunks
Uploaded 256.00M bytes in 62.88s: 4.07M/s
Downloaded 256.00M bytes in 63.01s: 4.06M/s
Deleting 64 temporary files

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