Show guide as sidebar?


There is this theme component which could be useful to have the contents of Duplicacy User Guide shown at all times.

If that seems too much, we can at least show it on #support.


I’m a bit sceptical if this will not be information overload when it’s on the frontpage (i.e. Latest) and I’m not sure it will be of much use in #support because who browses that category? Oh wait: will it also be displayed next to any individual support topic?

It doesn’t solve the (my!) problem on mobile that it’s not so easy to quickly get to the guide. I’m thinking we should perhaps replace the icon link to with a link to the guide. But that’s another topic.

Another little thing is:

For performance reasons it’s recommended that you close sidebar topics so there aren’t any replies

But let’s give it a try. It should be on now (I can’t see it on mobile).


It should be on for what category, coz i cant see it anywhere :-? ?


Sorry, forgot to add it to the themes


Note that the guide is already pinned globally, so now new users coming to the site will see it twice…


I liked the new layout! :ok_hand:

The guide information is “immediately available” to the user.

Just a detail, there’s something strange about scrolling behavior. It is difficult to access the last items. I think it should roll to the end and stay there, instead of going back to the start.


Oh, I just saw, it has already been reported by the @TheBestPessimist:


It seems that Kris found a solution:


We need @Christoph to update the theme component. and to fiddle with the settings to try it out.