Backing up serval directories at once


So i have been trying to set my duplicacy up to backup serval directories as one (/usr, /home, /etc and stuff like that) but it seems to me that it will only ever backup the one directory.

I tried to use “–repository directory” serval times but it just ignored any but the last.


This is how duplicacy works. It backs up a “repository”, i.e. one directory branch starting from a root directory (which is your current working directory or the one specified with –repository directory). If you want to back up /etc and /home as part of the same repository, your root directory needs to be \ and you need to work with Filters/Include exclude patterns to exclude what you don’t want backed up.

Check out the user guide for more informationen.


Alternative: you can also use a symlink repository


I find the symlink style repository quite nice b/c I can easily add or subtract from it just by working with links.