Move duplicacy folder/Use symlink repository

By default a .duplicacy folder is created in the root of the repository to store configurations, filters, caches and logs. With the -pref-dir option of the init command, this folder can be moved to a different location, but still a .duplicacy file which points to that folder is created in the root of the repository.

It is possible to move the .duplicacy folder to a desired location without creating the .duplicacy file:

  1. Pick the desired location for the .duplicacy folder, this will be your repository root.
  2. In this directory create symlinks to the folders you want to include in your backup. On Unix use ln -s /path_to/existing_folder /target_folder, on Windows mklink /D target_folder "C:\path_to\existing_folder\". Note that this is the only way to create a repository that includes multiple drives on Windows. This can also make include/exclude patterns configuration a lot simpler, or even unnecessary.
  3. Execute the init command in this directory and then the backup command. By default Duplicacy will follow the first-level symlinks (those under the root of the repository). Symlinks located under any subdirectories of the repository will be backed up as symlinks and will not be followed.