Have all duplicacy app/config files on different drive

Hi All,
Just looking to have my duplicacy install and configs on a different drive (the app folder with the GUI exe and the .duplicacy folder with all the configs too). I had a look at the guide which sent me here. Customization of the web GUI and tried a few things listed but couldnt figure it out, it just kept loading my current install when starting the new files/config i setup
than i found this
Move duplicacy folder/Use symlink repository
which states about using the -pref-dir command to move the location, but since im on GUI is there a way i can use this command (or somehow create a .duplicacy file for the GUI version to point to a different drive?

i can try moving the .duplicacy folder and use the mklink to a different drive, but hoping there was a cleaner way i can just tell duplicacy to have all its files on a different drive (z:/)

I’ve started using the mklink for this purpose and it seems to suit my needs fornow. case closed.

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