Duplicacy User Guide

Getting started

Duplicacy licenses (free and paid)
Download Duplicacy or Build Duplicacy from source
Quick Start tutorial (GUI version)
Quick Start tutorial (CLI version)
Supported storage backends

Duplicacy Commands

  • init - Initialize a new repository and storage
  • backup - Save a snapshot of the repository to the storage
  • restore - Restore files
  • list - List snapshots
  • check - Check the integrity of snapshots
  • prune - Prune snapshots by revision, tag, or retention policy
  • cat - Print the specified file or snapshot
  • history - Show the history of a file
  • diff - Compare two snapshots or two revisions of a file
  • password - Change the storage password
  • add - Add an additional storage for the existing repository
  • set - Change storage options
  • copy - Copy snapshots between compatible storages
  • benchmark - Test download and upload speeds

Advanced usage

Global Options
Exit Codes
Filters / Include-Exclude Patterns
Passwords, credentials and environment variables
Cache usage details
Pre-Command and Post-Command Scripts
Chunk Size details
Fix missing Chunks

Use Cases

Restore to a different folder or computer
Back up to multiple storages
Multiple repositories with different accounts of the same cloud storage service
Move .duplicacy folder/Use symlink repository
Monitor Duplicacy for Errors etc
Schedule the duplicacy CLI version to run at certain times

Design and Implementation

Lock-free deduplication algorithm
Snapshot file format
Encryption of the storage


Scripts and utilities index


Restore to a different folder or computer

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