Set command details


   duplicacy set - Change the options for the default or specified storage

   duplicacy set [command options]

   -encrypt, e[=true]           encrypt the storage with a password
   -no-backup[=true]            backup to this storage is prohibited
   -no-restore[=true]           restore from this storage is prohibited
   -no-save-password[=true]     don't save password or access keys to keychain/keyring
   -nobackup-file <file name>   Directories containing a file with this name will not be backed up
   -key                         add a key/password whose value is supplied by the -value option
   -value                       the value of the key/password
   -storage <storage name>      use the specified storage instead of the default one

The set command changes the options for the specified storage.

The -e option turns on the storage encryption. If specified as -e=false, it turns off the storage encryption.

The -no-backup option will not allow backups from this repository to be created.

The -no-restore option will not allow restoring this repository to a different revision.

The -no-save-password option will require every password or token to be entered every time and not saved anywhere.

The -key and -value options are used to store (in plain text) access keys or tokens need by various storages. Please refer to Passwords, credentials and environment variables for more details.

You can select a storage to change options for by specifying a storage name using the -storage option.

The -nobackup-file option was introduced in version 2.1.1 after discussion here.

Is the set command really only about storage?
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