Diff command details



The diff command compares the same file in two different snapshots if a file is given, otherwise compares the two snapshots.

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Quick overview

   duplicacy diff - Compare two snapshots or two revisions of a file

   duplicacy diff [command options] [<file>]

   -id <snapshot id>            diff snapshots with the specified id
   -r <revision> [+]            the revision number of the snapshot
   -hash                        compute the hashes of on-disk files
   -storage <storage name>      retrieve files from the specified storage


duplicacy diff [command options] [<file>]


-id <snapshot id>

You can specify a different snapshot id rather than the default snapshot id.

-r <revision> [+]

If only one revision is given by -r, the right hand side of the comparison will be the on-disk file.


The -hash option can then instruct this command to compute the hash of the file.

-storage <storage name>

You can use the -storage option to select a different storage other than the default one.


The file must be specified with a path relative to the repository.

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