Using Google Drive File Stream with :d:


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For Google Business accounts, i always use Google Drive File Stream instead of web-api or normal Google Drive.

The speed it provides is almost like backing up to an external-disk connected via USB, so pretty darn fast.

Currently using it with 3 computers (2 win, 1 mac) and it works ok.
The mac implementation feels a bit slower than the windows one though.

See here for another discussion: Duplicacy 'check' command can be very slow · Issue #397 · gilbertchen/duplicacy · GitHub.

Btw: do you think i should make a #how-to on how to use GDFS with :d:?

Feasibility of Azure Archive Blob Storage as backend

Awesome, I remember you mentioned this some time ago but I could not find that post, like, at all, nor could I stumble upon this on my own — and that given I knew what I was looking for. Than you for bringing this up again.

Is not this just because it’s a local cache you are interfacing with, that is then slowly gets synced up to the cloud? How fast does it work if you have to enumerate thousands of files in the datastore the first time, until local cache had been warmed up?

Next question, when I tried that a year back on a Mac it was buggy to the point of being unusable — it was hung for no reason almost all the time. I uninstalled it shortly after. Do you use it on windows? Did you have any issues?

Yes, I think this would be useful.


Even now (after more than a year) MacOS GDFS feels just a little bit slower that the windows counterpart, however I find it very usable nonetheless (for more than just backup – i also store in there about 4TB of personal files on my own account).

Just tag and ask me, or open a support topic :stuck_out_tongue:.

FAST! All the files are already cached locally the first time you install it. But only their metadata (created date, edited date, properties, size, etc.). The files are not downloaded to the disk unless you explicitly ask it to, so it consumes very little space.

In terms of speed, i think i can compare GDFS to using a laptop mechanical HDD. It’s definitely not slow, but not SSD-like speed, even though i have it cache its stuff on my main ssd.

Al in all i think i can recommend it, just like i did a few months ago in that github thread.