Slow downloads from Google Drive using copy command

Based on the suggestion in this post, I’m trying to copy the storage from my Google Drive so I can verify the integrity of the backups by running commands from a local mirror of the storage.

Using copy -id snapshot -from gdrive -to local, I’m getting speeds between 10-30mbps on a 100mbps connection. I’ve tried using between 1-16 threads and both the Google API/Drive File Stream with similar results. restore saturates the connection quite easily, as does Stablebit Clouddrive when downloading from the same storage.

Is there a reason why the copy command seems to be running slower for me? I was hoping to save time by copying the storage onto my local server but seems like it’s going to take a lot longer than I expected at this rate.

The -threads option in the copy command only change the number of uploading threads. It always uses one downloading thread. I’ve added this to the CLI roadmap: Roadmap for the CLI