List command details


   duplicacy list - List snapshots

   duplicacy list [command options]

   -all, -a                    list snapshots with any id
   -id <snapshot id>           list snapshots with the specified id rather than the default one
   -r <revision> [+]           the revision number of the snapshot
   -t <tag>                    list snapshots with the specified tag
   -files                      print the file list in each snapshot
   -chunks                     print chunks in each snapshot or all chunks if no snapshot specified
   -reset-passwords            take passwords from input rather than keychain/keyring or env
   -storage <storage name>     retrieve snapshots from the specified storage

The list command lists information about specified snapshots. By default it will list snapshots created from the current repository, but you can list all snapshots stored in the storage by specifying the -all option, or list snapshots with a different snapshot id using the -id option, and/or snapshots with a particular tag with the -t option.

The revision number is a number assigned to the snapshot when it is being created. This number will keep increasing every time a new snapshot is created from a repository. You can refer to snapshots by their revision numbers using the -r option, which either takes a single revision number -r 123 or a range -r 123-456. There can be multiple -r options.

If -files is specified, for each snapshot to be listed, this command will also print information about every file contained in the snapshot.

If -chunks is specified, the command will also print out every chunk the snapshot references.

The -reset-password option is used to reset stored passwords and to allow passwords to be entered again. Please refer to the Passwords, credentials and environment variables section for more information.

When the repository can have multiple storages (added by the add command), you can specify the storage to list by specifying the storage name.

Passwords, credentials and environment variables
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