Slow Backup - Web-Edition - BackBlaze B2


I did quite a few searches and went through the documentation but I am not seeing anything that is matching my issue. It also looks like the Web Edition might be a new offering but I might be wrong about that due to the release notes.

When I upload to BackBlaze B2 I am getting really slow uploads at around 1.35MB/s compared with my current solution at 14MB/s. (This is a baremetal Windows 10 machine with good specs)

Where can I find the settings in the documentation to adjust the upload speeds/threads for the duplicacy.json file … specifically for the Web Edition version?

I only see people and documentation of using the CLI product on this page: Duplicacy User Guide none of which follows the .json format config file.


Don’t tinker with the .json file directly…

Open the Web UI, go to your backup or schedule job, click the little - hyperlink under options next to your backup and put something like -threads 8 in the command options field.

This is the same flag as used in the CLI.

Thank you … didn’t even see that little “-” dash sign there until you mentioned it. I am hitting the speeds now!

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