Can I convert a Copy to a Standard Backup?

Due to stuff, I had to re-due my off-site backups (there gone, start from scratch). But to keep from having my off-site backups start with no history I started a copy to my remote location, from a local backup that has over a year of snapshots. The copy should be complete in a few weeks. After it finishes would I be able to convert this to a standard backup?

I’m using the Web GUI version on Ubuntu server.

My thinking would be to remove the copy from my schedule and replace it with a standard backup pointing to my off-site location. Would this work? Would Duplicacy see my existing backups (copied from local) and their history (snapshots) and just let me keep adding new snapshots?

The reason I would like to convert to a standard backup and not keep using copy would be to have different prune settings on the two locations. Or would that matter?

Yes, with the same snapshot ID as former copy destination.

If you first copy and then prune then it does not matter. You can have different prune schedules.

Perfect. :grinning:
Thank you.