Can I prune on a different machine than I back up from?

Hi, sorry if this is a n00b question. I’m just getting started with Duplicacy.

Right now, I have Duplicacy set up so it backs up various repositories on my primary unRAID server to storages on a backup server (also running unRAID) on the same LAN, using SFTP.

I also have Duplicacy installed on my backup server. Can I set up local storages on my backup server, pointing to the same directories the main server backs up to, and run pruning jobs directly on my backup server? I would schedule this so I’m not backing up at the same time I’m pruning.

My goal is just to take some load off my main server, and possibly to prune a bit faster.


Yes, you can. No need to avoid overlapping schedules — duplicacy is fully concurrent.

You won’t save much, if any, time pruning from another machine: speed of pruning only depends on file metadata fetch and/or api latency, which in your case is simply your target array’s seek latency. There is negligible amount of compute resources needed

Cool, thanks for clarifying. And that’s good to know about the latency and compute resources. I’m hoping to spread some of the overall workload between my two servers, but maybe that’s not the best place to do it.