Can I use SpiderOak as cloud storage with Duplicity?


I searched the forum for SpiderOak and didn’t get any hits. Thanks!!

There is no backend for SpiderOak. They do have an API but the link to the doc seems to be broken: API Documentation

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Thanks! I’ll look at other options.

Relevant, and very exemplary thread at rclone forum, that perfectly sums up the spideroak interoperability: Support for spider oak? · Issue #1127 · rclone/rclone · GitHub

I would suggest using well established large companies (AWS, google, etc) to host your backup. Saving few bucks a months is nice but not at the cost of your backup reliability.

Thanks, and I totally agree. I have used SpiderOak for 5+ years mainly for the security/encryption they offer and I got 2T storage deal I can barely use. I currently do a backup with SpiderOak on several PCs (windows and ubuntu). When I used Deja dup, my backup locally was 150GB on my Ubuntu laptop, which is too much space. Timeshift takes up about 40GB. I’ll launch AWS/DO storage for this. :slight_smile: