Can the 'check' command log be less verbose?

I’ve noticed the logs for a full check on several TB is quite large (i’m using default settings, plus -chunks). I thought maybe the -tabular option would reduce it, but it hasn’t seemed to.

Is there a way to just show a summary rather than information on every single chunk?

I get 10s of thousands of:
2024-06-22 10:01:33.404 INFO VERIFY_PROGRESS Verified chunk 57cbc1076727c24e6d8a26ae499253e7b7497db264df1bb5ab613e85b0cc0973 (1/1504054), 1.06MB/s 16 days 21:37:24 0.0%

Have a look at

Thanks. Unfortunately that didn’t seem to work: invalid options


EDIT: Nevermind - i misunderstood - going into the link showed i needed to put the ID for either command - e.g.

-suppress all

Thanks @saspus

Hmm, this didn’t seem to actually suppress the verbosity. I still get far more info than needed:

2024-07-03 11:01:30.636 INFO SNAPSHOT_VERIFY Verifying 1510429 chunks
2024-07-03 11:01:31.855 INFO SNAPSHOT_VERIFY Skipped 1505025 chunks that have already been verified before
2024-07-03 11:01:32.450 INFO VERIFY_PROGRESS Verified chunk afcf9f1840c6afe312814e70b405b05df0d4c53b1fb344c804d903c690d20ab1 (1/5404), 1.20MB/s 02:43:25 0.0%
2024-07-03 11:01:32.654 INFO VERIFY_PROGRESS Verified chunk e95abed51c1ed45dd7f0f35f2667525e5924b494eb79e18c1300b73485f93bcd (2/5404), 4.78MB/s 01:30:51 0.0%
2024-07-03 11:01:32.667 INFO VERIFY_PROGRESS Verified chunk 0bbcdf3edef214f66204da6bf90f48dba987face8bba16c3a4921bfb74924dd2 (3/5404), 6.85MB/s 01:00:57 0.1%

Show your check command. It shoud look something like

check -chunks -suppress VERIFY_PROGRESS -suppress SNAPSHOT_VERIFY

suppressing every log id you don’t want to see.

I’m still not sure why are you trying to do that instead of configuring logrotate. Logs are useful when something goes wrong.

suppress is a global option and needs to be coded before the duplicacy command:

duplicacy -suppress VERIFY_PROGRESS -suppress SNAPSHOT_VERIFY check -chunks

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Good point. The first couple were over 150mb each. But subsequent ones are much smaller of course.

Please note i’m using the webUI - not CLI.


I would prefer it just showed warnings, errors, anomalies etc.

As far as logrotate, i’m not sure i’ve seen that mentioned. I’m not familiar with it.

Ah, i see. I’ll try that, but per my previous message, please note i’m using the webUI, so i don’t think i have control over when it’s used.

You do have control over it actually. Go edit the options via the gui and note there are command options and global option fields. Enter the -suppress option in global options. I prefer to run with -log also in global options…

I can, and i have done that - but i cannot tell Duplicacy that the global option needs to run before the command option:

What’s there is there.


I will try to use this one, and report back.