Cannot find restored files

Running CLI 3.0.1 on a QNAP NAS. I have repositories /share/homes/Keith and /share/homes/Keith/Pictures. Backups of /share/homes/Keith exclude Pictures/*.

I accidentally restored the folder /share/homes/Keith/Mobile/Phone/Camera to /share/homes/Keith instead of to the original repository location, /share/homes/Keith/Pictures (see Restore location protection/default). Afterwards, /share/homes/Keith/Mobile/Phone/Camera was empty. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of for the accidentally restored files and cannot find them. But they must be somewhere, because repeating the restore to /share/homes/Keith skips the “unchanged” files.

Repeating the restore command with the -debug didn’t help, because the debug output does not list the full path of the skipped files.

Could they have been restored with the permissions of the user you can’t see?

For example, if duplicacy was running as root, and -ignore-owner was specified, the restored files will be owned by root, and if you are accessing your data with your current user – you won’t see the data.

You can try to take ownership of all files and folders under /share/homes/Keith (assuming your username is Keith)

    sudo chown -R Keith /share/homes/Keith

Yes, but I’m aware of this bug, so I was looking on the NAS.

I found the files in the “expected” location today, /share/homes/Keith/Mobile/Phone/Camera, so I must have missed them somehow when looking yesterday.