Cannot list backups from webdav storage

I succesfully created a backup to a webdav storage bucket using the web interface. If I try to list my backups using the CLI (duplicacy list -a) I get: repository has not been initialised !
Also using -storage !storage-id! does not work.
Strange isn’t it ?

Edit: figured it out you have to be in the repositories/localhost/all dir to make it work.
Little bit far fetched imo !
Lots of errors in web interface deleting backups, pruning command does not remove the snapshots I want…

which storage provider is this?

Looks like I will be switching to !


That provider says it supports SFTP, why don’t you use that? (Much cleaner, more secure imo.)

Unsollicited advise NOT appreciated!
Webdav is my only option…
Make it work, not professional imo !

Your answer was not polite.

@Droolio was trying to help. You just had to answer that you can’t use Webdav.


This edit makes it sound like you already figured out the solution to your original problem (?).

If you want help with looking into the “errors in web interface deleting backups” and “pruning command does not remove the snapshots I want”, then please provide some details. What errors are you seeing? What are you trying to do when removing snapshots and what isn’t working?

P.S. restic doesn’t natively support webdav, so I’m not sure why you mentioned switching to it if webdav is a requirement.

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You must have me confused; I’m not the developer, just a user.

Perhaps maybe you can take the time to explain why SFTP isn’t viable for you - is it because you’ve tried it and it doesn’t work (it does say beta)? Regardless, WebDAV is one of the worst-performing protocols, SFTP is one of the best. Take it as you will.

Whatever your reason for using webdav, I have been using duplicacy with a webdav storage for over a year now. In other words: duplicacy does support webdav.

That said: I would happily switch to a different protocol if my storage provider supported it, because even their webdav interface is not well maintained/implemented. But that’s a different story.