Can't create storage in a mapped (network) drive

Many mid-level or better routers let you plug-in an external drive to use as a shared file location, or NAS. I have one of these. I want to use that as a local backup storage for laptops (since laptops usually don’t have room for a second, backup drive). I mapped that as Drive G: on the Windows laptop.

Duplicacy won’t recognize Drive G:, it only recognizes physical drives. Nor can I get duplicacy to recognize \C2600-SHARE\sda1\duplicacy or, the router does not offer sftp as an option–since it’s all inside the LAN.

I don’t use Windows much, but I’m stumped. Every piece of equipment we have can see & access the NAS (even the televisions), except duplicacy. What am I missing?

The API used by the web GUI only lists physical drives, but you can get around this issue by entering the full path (such as \C2600-SHARE\sda1\duplicacy) into the directory text box. The ftp protocol is not supported though.

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Hmmm, OK. It does see the drive with the full path name; but it’s still not working, because the username & password for the NAS are not being handled by Duplicacy. Looks like I’ll have to use some other program for in-building backup, and Duplicacy for remote backup.

You need to make sure that user session under which :d: is running authenticates to the share first, then it will be able to access NAS share. Not sure about Web app, but when using command line, net use command will help with that.