Can't find chunks in SFTP storage copy-compatible with B2

I’ve been using :d: for a long time, but as restores from remote and large repositories is pretty slow, I have been playing with the idea to backup local with short retention and copy to remote for longterm storage.

So, I set up an SFTP storage on a local fileserver and set up completely separate backups. That worked as expected. Check, prune, all fine and dandy. This ran for a week or two without issues.

As a next step, I wanted to start playing with backup-and-copy, so I deleted the storage from :d: , completely wiped all files on the storage and reconfigured it as copy-compatible with my existing primary storage on B2 and started a fresh backup.

Large job, takes a good while, but ran fine and completed succesfully. I then ran a check… and apparently every single chunk it’s expecting to be there, is missing.
When I go to inspect the files on the storage, there are plenty of chunks, with appropriate dates (so no leftovers from the previous incarnation)… but I tried about a dozen chunk IDs, and none of them exist.

I ran a new backup and another check, and for that new revision all chunks are also missing…

So, I’m a little confused at what’s happening. Did I need to do more than just wipe the data on the storage? Surely all local configuration and caches should be gone by deleting the storage from :d: ?

You may wanna check the local .duplicacy folder and delete cache subdirectory, but I’d also take a look at the file permissions on the fileserver to make sure Duplicacy can read. A duplicacy list -all should show you what’s in there (CLI) or try a restore if using the Web UI.