Can't find CLI on Mac with web (GUI) version installed

I’ve installed the web edition on MacOS Mojave. Backups are finally finished and I found that the storage graph is not working, so I can’t see how much storage my backup is using. I wanted then to use the CLI to see if I could learn more about the amount of storage, plus learn to use the CLI.

However, I can’t use the duplicacy command in terminal. Not sure where to find it. Per another post it should be in

/Applications/Duplicacy Web

but this is all I have in there:

$find .

I have duplicacy_web_osx_x64 but I don’t know where duplicacy_osx_x64 is. Thanks.

The CLI can be found under ~/.duplicacy-web/bin. However, you don’t need to run the CLI to check your storage usage; just create a new schedule, add a check job, and manually run the schedule after which the storage graph will show up.

Thanks. Found it. I think it would be good to learn the CLI, so I’d like to play with it. I just need a little bit of a push in the right direction :slight_smile: