Can't set password key with ! character present

I am trying to set up Duplicacy CLI to manage a backup task presently running under Duplicacy-Web. The good news is that I am able to run this from the CLI and work with the existing backups.

Because the backend is in B2, I wanted to set the various keys in the preference file. While the B2 ID/Key worked, I cannot get the encryption password to save. I get this:

-sh: !P3tAT*fEz: event not found
Note: The password is much longer prior to the apostrophe

Apparently this is due to the ! character in the password. If I escape \ the ! character, the escaped password is saved in the preferences file. However, the password is rejected (of course) as apparently the escape character is passed along to B2 for verification.

I also tried enclosing the set password in quotes " but that had no good effect.

Failed to download the configuration file from the storage: Failed to retrieve the config file: cipher: message authentication failed

When I enter the password manually, I connect to the backup. But that doesn’t work for me. I’m unsure how Duplicacy-Web manages this password, where the CLI stumbles.

Appreciate any advice.

Answering my own post here. Maybe someone will find this helpful.

After using the escape character and saving the defective password, I manually edited the preferences file (the escape character was not present, however the password was truncated where a $ character had been. For example…

Password = jk2plkd!kkdo$d8

The set command used jk2plkd\!kkdo$d8

The preference file saved jk2plkd!kkdo

With vim, I tacked on the $d8, saved/exited, and the auto-connection now works fine.

So perhaps there’s a bug somewhere in all this.

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