Cat-ing a symlink results in has mismatched hashes


I just started using duplicacy for unified cloud backups of all my systems and finished backing up my first systems. No for sanity checking that things work correctly, I tried several restore and cat commands. One thing that consistently fails for me is trying to cat a symlinked file. For example, for my symlinked .bashrc this gives:

download URL is: XXXX
Enter the passphrase for /home/languitar/duplicacy.pem:******************************
File .bashrc has mismatched hashes:  vs 0e5751c026e543b2e8ab2eb06099daa1d1e5df47778f7787faab45cdf12fe3a8
File .bashrc is corrupted in snapshot bird_home-languitar at revision 3

Is this expected?

This happens with duplicacy 2.7.1.


As far as I know, Duplicacy currently doesn’t follow symlinks except for those at the root of the repository path. So I think this is somewhat expected.

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Ok, but doesn’t it recreate symlinks on restore?