Catch up missed scheduled jobs?

Does version 1.1 (windows service) generally catch up missed scheduled jobs?

Just realized (after installing V1.1) that 2 jobs were catched up which were scheduled for a time after I shut down my machine yesterday. That is 1 job which is executed daily and 1 hourly. V1.0 did not do that.

Would be nice to have this behaviour optional. (and to have such changes documented somewhere…)

There hasn’t been a change in the scheduling code between 1.0 and 1.1, and I don’t remember changing this default behavior.

So catching up the missed jobs is/was the default? Didn’t notice this in V1.0 at least…

What I just noticed is that when running as a service my hourly backup job (regularly starting at 9 AM) is also executed before 9 AM right when I started my computer this morning at 8.46 AM.

Would switching back to the Windows Task Scheduler probably lead to the old behaviour?

Good question, I have also been wondering whether Windows task manager has some role to play with web-ui. Is my understanding correct that I can use the web-ui just to look at stats and otherwise run CLI scripts as before?

That might be the 11pm or 12am backup for the previous night.

That is correct, but you may still need to run a check job in the web-ui to see the stats.

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