Central Monitoring?

Looks like I could use a tiny bit of help to get started. I too am on OS/X.

Not sure how to begin to try out your code… can you give me a 3-step quick start? Thanks very much!!

Looks like I could use a tiny bit of help to get started. I too am on OS/X.

Not sure how to begin to try out your code… can you give me a 3-step quick start? Thanks very much!!

I had the same need: send myself emails when no backups were received for 3 days, and again after 7 days.
I created a small PHP script that uses the Duplicacy CLI to check all the backups found in specific folders, and use the list command to find the latest snapshot available for each, and send myself an email when it was too old.

If anyone wants to use it, I published it here: https://gist.github.com/gboudreau/91b8866e3adb19965897ecd80a12525b
See instructions at the top of the script.

Example output:

[2018-05-17 20:33] Last backup from Guillaumes-MacBook-Pro-gb-gb was 0 hours (0 days) ago...
[2018-05-17 20:33]   OK.

or when it fails:

[2018-05-17 20:45] Last backup from Guillaumes-MacBook-Pro-gb-gb was 1 hours (3 days) ago...
[2018-05-17 20:45]   Oh noes! Backup from 'Guillaumes-MacBook-Pro-gb-gb' is missing for more than 3d!!
[2018-05-17 20:45]     Sending email notification to you@gmail.com

Comments / questions / Pull Requests are welcome.


  • Guillaume

PS Tested on Linux; pretty sure it would work as-is on Mac. On Windows: meh!

Great! I have been trying to put together something like this too… my biggest problem is that my sftp server is a QNAP and QNAP doesnt support any sort of command line mail utility (sendmail etc)… and that is REAL irritating.

PS- I too am a crashplan refugee and trying to get the same features that I am used to from Duplicacy :slight_smile: I now have about 8 people backing up to my basement using it…

Kevin, please contact me via E-Mail, and I’ll be happy to give you help getting started. You can get my E-Mail from any of the commit messages in my repository. I also sent you E-Mail at your E-Mail address, you can respond to that.

Note that one advantage of Go, as a language, is that it makes self-contained executable files. The capability to send E-Mail, for example, is totally built into the executable and requires no command line utility for E-Mail.

Knowing that others are interested, I’ll start getting to work on the README.md file.

If you’re interested in duplicacy-util, I’ve documented it’s usage. I’ll keep it up to date as I add new features.

If you try it and have any issues or questions, please raise an issue on GitHub. I’ll respond promptly and either answer your question, update the documentation to include your answer, or both!

For the record, I was using Crashplan years ago, but moved to alternatives a few years back because Crashplan didn’t scale well. As your backups got larger and larger, Crashplan took more and more memory and suffered problems at an increasing rate. After I felt like I was “baby sitting” Crashplan far too often, I aborted it and looked elsewhere. I’ve been off of Crashplan for about 3 years now so, when they cancelled their services, it didn’t really affect me.

HI Jeffaco, this is great. I guess I am too stupid to find your email address in your commit’s. And I didnt get a message from you…

From the point of view of server side monitoring- Gilbert is working on some stuff that I think is important… although I dont know when we might see it. He was going to add a feature to duplicacy that uploaded a list of chunks that should be in each snapshot along with some info that would allow at least a tiny bit of server side data integrity monitoring. I hope that gets in at some point and if so- maybe it could be added to your util.

I am hoping to try out your stuff soon… :slight_smile:

Hi Kevininv. Apparently, GitHub hides the E-Mail address pretty well. It’s kind of funny, too, since my E-Mail address is on every commit. But to see that, you need to download the repo and then do a git log, and then you’ll see it.

At this point, docs are in the repo, so if you have comments or questions, I prefer them in GitHub as issues. That way, I can track the issues and they get closed as I resolve them (by commit or whatever). So this is actually better now.

But that said, if you want to reach me, my domain is taltos dot com and my user is jeff (done this way to avoid scraping for email addresses).

Hi @kevininv Just FYI, I’ve spent a good chunk of time on documenting duplicacy-util, including how to set up server-side monitoring with Gmail. With this setup, Gmail itself will notify you if duplicacy-util stops working (for whatever reason).

I’ve also documented how to automatically run duplicacy-util from Mac OS/X (my platform), Linux, and Windows.

@lance I’ve designed duplicacy-util to be extendable. If you wanted to use it and found it useful, I could trivially modify it to watch for specific messages if you wanted different behavior for E-Mail notification.

Jeffaco, I hope to check it out soon!!!