Change of License Name

Hi gchen!

Could you kindly change the Name in my Licensing as the latest machine doesn’t match the others. also

This will sound very very strange, could i kindly ask, when i do purchase a license, could they be “Aligned” for the Expiry. I know i will be loosing time on them but thats fine, as it makes it easier for renewing as i dont wish for them to be spread out…

Thanks Kindly.!

I extended your other licenses so they have the same expiration date now.

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Hi Ghchen!

Oh wow! wasn’t expecting that, that is greatly appreciated and thanks for your time!.

Thanks Kindly

James m

BTW, just a small niggle with renewals that I noticed… renewing licenses changes the expiry date by 1 day. e.g. if it initially gave an expiry of Sun Feb 28 01:00:00 UTC 2020, upon renewing the license, it would next show Sat Feb 27 01:00:00 UTC 2021. Personally, I’m not fussed about losing a day, :slight_smile: but some of these licenses will be for business use.

Perhaps due to the system adding 365 days for dates before February 29 in a leap year?

Right, in the licensing code we use 365 days for year. If it bothers you please let me know and I’ll manually adjust the expiration dates.